Khapland Vision Statement:

  • Discourse Analysis on deeply ingrained social instinct of fraternity emphasizing the dignity of individuals.
  • Demystifying false dogmas, erroneous theories and parochial ideologies that are prevalent in the public sphere.
  • Promoting social harmony, decent living and rational thinking to dissect the socio-economic and political problems of the humanity.
  • Stimulating the ideas, information and knowledge which are indispensable for promoting and sustaining public interest and common good.

Khapland Mission Statement:

  • Promoting the harmony and brotherhood spirit sustained by the rural folks.
  • Renouncing the practices which are derogatory to the dignity of women and underprivileged segments of the society.
  • Preserving and protecting the cultural heritage of grassroots democratic institutions.
  • Bolstering the scientific, humanitarian and logical methods of enquiry.
  • Informing the public about the imperative need of civic engagement in democratic development embedded in the domain of social capital.
  • Adopting open, transparent and scientific scrutiny to understand the far reaching consequences of traditions, conventions and mores of indigenous communities.
  • Investigating the relevance of locally evolved mechanism employed to resolve disputes, conflicts and clashes having direct bearing on family alliances, community networking, social rites and rural livelihoods.