Khap as a Brand International Workshop!

The First in series field workshop of team!

The International workshop was called upon the matter of mechanising the feedback, opinions and suggestions on launching of khapland website at Heavn Garden Banquet Hall of Maina Village, District Rohtak on 14 Jan 2017.

Theme of the event:Let’s put our respective region, religion, language, political affiliations, status, profiles aside and talk on betterment & upliftment of Khap System as a brand and since-ages leader of social engineering theories”!

Topics talked: A casteless, religionless project for whole of the society:

i)        Khapology

ii)       Khap Calender

iii)     Khap Forums

iv)     Khap Current Affairs

v)      Khap Counsel

vi)     Khap Blog

vii)   E-Shopping & E-Donation

viii)  Society Registration

ix)     All Sarvkhap meeting feedback by jat khap leaders- in 2 weeks

x)      Culture & Character

(1)    Superstitions

(2)    Khap Value System

(3)    Khap Social System

(4)    Khap Spirituality

(5)    Festivals get-to-gather

xi)     Additional Inputs and points under topic

There were two other major topics also discussed one as “How to save society from Jat versus Non-Jat Propaganda” and “How to utilize Charity in optimized way to get its benefits by the most deserving in society!”

Local Attendees of the Workshop
Sr. Name Domain-Designation District State/Country
1 Prof. Santosh Dahiya President, Sarvkhap Women Cell Kurukshetra Haryana
2 Ch. Kuldeep Singh Dhanda President, Barah Khap Jind Haryana
3 Col. M. S. Dahiya Social Activist Sonipat Haryana
4 Sh. Ranbir Singh Phogat Anthropologist & Photographer Rohtak Haryana
5 Sh. Pushpendra Singh President, Kisan Shakti Sangh Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
6 Dr. Ranbir Singh Dahiya Social Activist Rohtak Haryana
7 Cmd. Hawa Singh Sangwan President, Rashtriya Dalit-Pichhda Ekta Sangh Bhiwani Haryana
8 Sh. Jagmal Singh Chahal Social Activist Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh
9 Ch. Inder Singh Dhull President, Dhull Khap Jind Haryana
10 Ch. Ramkaran Solanki President, Palam 360 Khap Palam New Delhi
11 Dr. Suresh Nandal Social Activist Rohtak Haryana
12 Sh. Suresh Deshwal Social Activist Rohtak Haryana
13 Sh. Sanjay Mann Social Activist Rohini New Delhi
14 Sh. Gyan Singh Tomar Historian & Writer Rohtak Haryana
15 Ch. Jai Singh Ahlawat President, Ahlawat Khap Rohtak Haryana
16 Sh. Jeet Rose Educationist Rohtak Haryana
17 Prof. Rajkumar Siwach Professor Sirsa Haryana
18 Sh. Dharampal Malik Ex. Director All India Radio Rohtak Haryana
19 Sh. Rohnit Phore Journalist & Cartoonist Dwarka New Delhi
20 Adv. Rajnarayan Panghal Advocate Bhiwani Haryana
21 Sh. Dharampal Hooda President, Hooda Khap, Rohtak Rohtak Haryana
22 Sh. Jasbir Singh Malik Author, Historian Rohtak Haryana
23 Sh. Arjun Ahlawat Social Activist Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
24 Sh. Jaivir Singh Ahlawat Social Activist Jhajjar Haryana
25 Sh. Bhagat Dalal President, Palval 17 Dalal Khap Faridabad Haryana
26 Sh. Jasmer Lather Industralist Rohtak Haryana
27 Sh. Nitin Dabas Social Activist Nazafgarh New Delhi
28 Sh. Narender Mor Sports Authority of India Rohtak Haryana
29 Ch. Mahender Nandal Coordinator – Sarvjatiya Sarvkhap Rohtak Haryana
30 Sh. Ishwar Singh Dahiya Ex. DSO, International Wrestling Coach Rohtak Haryana
31 Sh. Rajbir Rajayan Author & Historian Rohtak Haryana
32 Ch. Ramkumar Solanki President, Jhadsa 360 Khap Jhadsa New Delhi
33 Sh. Navdeep Singh Treasurer, Jat Education Sanstha Rohtak Haryana
34 Sh. Pawan Tokas Bol Haryana Radio Gurgaon Haryana
35 Sh. M.S. Sheoran Retired SSP Faridabad Haryana
36 Sh. Veer Singh Dhankhad Private Sector Rohtak Haryana
37 Ch. Krishan Dahiya Representative, Dahiya Khap Sonipat Haryana
NRI Attendees of the Workshop!
1 Sh. Sajjan Deshwal Businessman London England
2 Ch. Kuldeep Ahlawat Businessman London England
3 Sh. Bobby Bazad Businessman Brisben Australia
4 Mrs. Krishna Chaudhary Socialist Activist Brisben Australia
5 Sh. Mahinder Chaudhary Businessman + FICCI Member Brisben Australia
6 Sh. Phool Kumar Private Sector Lille France
7 Mrs. Praveen Rani Businesswoman London England
8 Mrs. Sarla Chaudhary Businesswoman London England
9 Sh. Rinku Dhankharh Private Sector London England
10 Sh. Anuraj Nandal Private Sector London England
11 Sh. Joginder Barak Private Sector Queensland Australia

Note: Names of some more attendees are yet to receive by technical team of site, these may be 10 to 15 in number. All will be added and updated as and when team receives the same!

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