Document Title: A Saga of Resolving 5 Decades Vendetta by the Beniwal Khap Panchayat!

By: Prof. Rajkumar Siwach, Department of Public Administration, CDLU Sirsa

Document Presented at: National Seminar on “Caste Panchayats, Democracy and Constitutional Values”! held between 15-16 April, 2017 organized by Center for Social Inclusion and Minority Rights, National Law University Delhi.

Abstract: A village Dabra Kalan falls in Sirsa District of Haryana and witnessed the bloody feuds between two dominant families for five decades. But the Bhaichara Panchayat of the Beniwals gained popularity when this feud was resolved amicably by it.

Read in details about the case and series of constant efforts by Beniwal Khap Panchayat spearheaded by Dr. Vedpal Beniwal, a good samaritan.

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