Parameters took to set this analogical research were prosperity, peace and harmony.
But before that let’s have a glimpse of what Protestants in Christianity are and what Khaps in Hinduism are?
Protestants in Christianity: Protestants are one of three major divisions of Christianity together with Roman Catholics (or just Catholics in short) and Orthodox (see reference 1). A Protestant is a Christian who belongs to one of the many branches of Christianity that have developed out of the Protestant Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517. Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses “protested” against unbiblical teachings and traditions in the Roman Catholic Church, and many Europeans joined his protest. New churches were founded outside of the Catholic Church’s control. The major movements within the Protestant Reformation include the Lutheran Church (see reference 2).
Their core line of belief is that to show loyalty for religion ‘faith’ alone is enough and one doesn’t require performing rituals for same. One can refer to above two references to know more in depth about Protestants.
Khaps in Hinduism: Khaps also very closely based on the faith solely instead of performing rituals. They don’t believe in authoritarianism, they believe in democracy and republic (reference 3). They oppose all such rituals which oppress humanity on name of religion. Basically they advocate humanism and socialism over religion. They count religion second over humanism on top.
Their core belief goes with England’s Constitution pattern to consider every village as the smallest and independent unit of customs, culture and claims.
What equivalent of Orthodox of Christianity in Hinduism is the Santani Division, which is nurtured by present day RSS and BJP through their proxies like VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shivsena etc (see reference 4).
So here comes the first finding of this analogical research: It is that Khaps who usually are termed as the most orthodox sect of Hinduism is a false notion; instead they are and have been Protestants of Hinduism. The one who is orthodox of Hinduism is the Santani.
Now let’s have a look at following facts and figures:
When looked upon following two reports:
1) Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017 –
2) Protestantism by country –
Reading these reports reveals you following findings:
1) Out of top 10 most peaceful countries 7 are such where protestants population is in majority varying from 26% up to 82%
2) They are majorly Nordic countries of Europe (especially the top 2 of this report i.e. Iceland (79% Protestants and Denmark (77 to 82% Protestants). And so is the case with Finland at number 6 in this report with 73 to 80% Protestants.
3) USA has 48% Protestants and UK has 50% Protestants, which can further be seen as a big engine behind their status of being developed and prosperous countries.
Now let’s look at which region of India has been and is (or according to many professors, have been before coming up of current government) the most prosperous with least economic gaps between poor and rich, with least of religious hypocrisy and anarchy, with no one going out of it for merely the labourer earnings (rather sister states people come here from remote corners of country in search of basic livelihood), a region without religious shames like Devdasies, Widow Ashrams (Vrindavan is exception that too consists of 85% Widows of Bangal and 99.99% of out of this reigion widows) and Mahadalits; and you shall put your finger on 300 Kms radius region around Delhi along with Punjab. And this region as a whole has been nurtured by ideology, philosophy and sociology established by Khaps since ages. Khaps have basically been the independent social institutions in form of oldest “Social Jury System” perhaps the world’s ever known to in continuation of more than 15 centuries system.
Hence other findings of this research can be enlisted as follows:
1) Second finding (look above for the first finding) of the research states Khaps of Hinduism equivalent version of Protestants of Christianity.
2) These were the customs, culture and values of Khaps from where Maharishi Dayananda took the concept of Arya Samaj and revered the back bone community of this system i.e. the Jats as “Jat Ji” and “Jat Devta”. And it was for none other than the reason of theirs being Protestants of Hinduism.
Learnings and further scopes of this research, especially for Khap System believers:
1) Beside my many initial researches established with analogical global studies in this field, this research can be seen as another enlightenment of self-realization and self-recognition with global purview.
2) It can serve as a testament to historians, who write on Khaps to put their studies in this framework.
3) Any counterfeit to this research would be a subject of further interest to observe and synthesise.
Jai Yauddhey!
Author: P.K. Malik

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